Into the Unknown

Into the Unknown

#20 Preparing to loose your ego ❘ Sébastien Dupont

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Yoga is one of the oldest physical activities. The word "yoga" comes from Sanskrit and means "to unite", in the sense of uniting body and mind. For some people yoga means a deep stretching of the body, for others it is a sport, for still others it is like meditation or a spiritual path. But what does it really mean to practice yoga? In this episode, I talk to yoga teacher Sébastien Dupont about meditation and entering an inner stillness and state of ego-lessness. Why yoga is not for everyone, mantras, the spiritual path as a struggle and that a little yoga brings a little relief.

Author: Katharina Baier Editor: Katharina Baier Jingle: Samuel Buda



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About this podcast

Do we always need a plan? What happens to our lives when we don't know the next step, the correct answer or what we feel, want or need? Can we actually know and be certain about things? And what is the benefit of the unknown?

This interview podcast brings you stories from and about people, who stepped into the unknown, stories about fear, uncertainty, the Illusion of security and ... I don't know. Let's see what it will be about.

Author: Katharina Baier
Jingle: Samuel Buda

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