Into the Unknown

Into the Unknown

#13 Language shapes reality ❘ Daniel Everett

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Image you are living in a world that has no concept of beauty or guilt. You only work four hours a day and most of the time you are laughing loud and you and your family is considered the happiest people. This is the world of the Pirahã. Daniel Everett lived with the indigenous Pirahã in the Brazilian Amazonian Basin for almost eight years and studied them since 1977. Originally he went to this tribe as a missionary to translate the bible into their language. But instead of turning the Pirahã into Christians their way of living and just believing what they see or who they know, changed his life completely. He turned to atheism, got divorced from his former wife and went on to be a famous linguist.

Author: Katharina Baier Editor: Katharina Baier Jingle: Samuel Buda

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About this podcast

Do we always need a plan? What happens to our lives when we don't know the next step, the correct answer or what we feel, want or need? Can we actually know and be certain about things? And what is the benefit of the unknown?

This interview podcast brings you stories from and about people, who stepped into the unknown, stories about fear, uncertainty, the Illusion of security and ... I don't know. Let's see what it will be about.

Author: Katharina Baier
Jingle: Samuel Buda

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by Katharina Baier


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